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Common core has spawn conversations regarding IEP goals and alignment. Now that most states have adopted common core, it is time to have the conversation about how IEP teams will move students academically.  The answer lies in accommodations!  The IEP … Continue reading

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Healthy Relationships Workbook

I am so happy with the amount of attention our multimedia workbook called Healthy Relationships is receiving. This workbook was designed for special needs adults. The lessons that are taught in our workbook have to do with developing friendships and … Continue reading

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Special Educators Have More than the Typical Teacher Responsibilities!

Every new school year is stressful; despite the fact that I love and look forward to new beginnings. Stress, if not properly managed, easily causes me to feel incompetent and overwhelmed. There are just so many variables to consider at … Continue reading

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Carol Burris: Poor Teacher Evaluation Systems Will Not Improve Education

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Carol Burris, principal of south side High School in Rockville Center, New York, writes here about the multiple flaws of test-based teacher evaluations. At an Ed Trust celebration, Duncan told the crowd, “But…

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The Plight of an Instructional Aide

I love working with special needs students.  In fact, I love it so much that I often recognize when a little more work might be needed on a topic/lesson and so I take it upon myself to go that extra … Continue reading

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Fun Apps for Your Special Needs Child!

Are you looking to maintain social communication skills this summer? Social communication skills include interpreting how others are thinking in addition to what they are saying.  Children need to be encouraged to look at facial expressions, body language, and tone … Continue reading

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 Let Summer Begin!

  How many times have you heard yourself or another person say, “I’m ready for summer?” Let the truth be told, my students are ready! Many students have shared their family plans for vacation and they are extremely excited.  Whatever … Continue reading

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There is an I in TEAM!

I was the I. When my son turned three he was entered into the area school district with the diagnosis of Autistic or on the Autism spectrum. Whatever they want to call it, it has changed a few times since: … Continue reading

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April is a Wake-up Call!

How is your student performing in school?  Did your student have a good year both academically and socially?  If not, request in writing an IEP meeting to address your concerns.  So often many parents wait for the fall and prefer … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Make IEP meetings Seamless!

 Build effective communication: Most recently I was assigned testing a student for special education services. Prior to the formal meeting to discuss findings, I invited parents to a pre-meeting to educate parents on specific vocabulary that they would be hearing … Continue reading

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