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Diana Loiewski has been teaching special needs students for over thirty years. She not only is a classroom high school teacher, she also serves as an administrative designee in IEP meetings, and case work trainer for the military Exceptional Family Member Program. In addition, she presents on special education topics all over the country and is a co author of Individual Education Plan Workbook for Success, and Healthy Relationships a multimedia workbook for special education teens and adults. ___________________________________________________________________ Elizabeth Dominick is the parent of an 18-year-old special needs student. Elizabeth and her husband navigated the special needs odyssey from the time their son was 3 years old to the present. She and her husband have placed their son in both public and private settings and have worked with attorney advocates to get better services. Ultimately, they ended up educating themselves on special education law. Elizabeth is a past reporter and editor and currently writes parent meditations and other articles for __________________________________________________________________ Sharon McCormick is a special education teacher and blogger. She has been in the classroom for over fifteen years. Prior to that time, she worked with emotionally disturbed youth in residential and group home settings. She is clever and creative and enjoys supporting students with special education needs. ___________________________________________________________________________ Renee Tompkins is a graduate of Illinois State University with a Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Services. She is an amazing and energetic professional with fifteen years of experience working directly with special needs students. She also serves as a board member of the Special Education Foundation and supports fundraising efforts for teachers within the Poway Unified School District. She is currently employed with the Poway Unified School District and she delivers services to both groups and individuals in the transition program working with adults eighteen-years-- twenty-two years of age. Her current responsibilities include organizing and running a healthy relationship program with both men and women with intellectual disabilities.

Getting Ready to Return to School? Really? It is only July…

I know that returning to school is most likely not on your mind at this time. For me, I assumed summer duties a week prior to school ending: things like getting bathing suits in order and buying summer gear which … Continue reading

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Autism Sensitivity Training for the classroom” target=”_blank”> If you would like the text to go along with the powerpoint contact me

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3 Keys for Avoiding Drama!

Is your student surrounded with school drama: gossip,and bullying? Middle school and high school students often find themselves in the middle of drama as they spend their time learning about who they are and asserting their independence. There are three keys that teens should be reminded of … Continue reading

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4 Rules for a Successful School Year

Knowing that making good decisions begins with you isn’t necessarily a difficult concept; however, it is one that teens often forget. We have found that any successful relationship between two or more people is fundamentally based on four simple rules. … Continue reading

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Ready or Not?

Getting ready for back to school takes time and some planning. This school year empower your student by writing a list of things that need to happen for a successful school schedule. Include things like how much time is needed … Continue reading

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Understand Autism

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Accommodations and modifications ensure that students can do the work that is being asked of them. Think about accommodations and modifications working like a staircase, they provide a means of entry to the top floor. In this scenario, the top … Continue reading

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Everyone deserves Healthy Relationships!

Source: Everyone deserves Healthy Relationships!

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Healthy Relationships By Diana Loiewski, Tarane Sondoozi, and Linda Loiewski

Originally posted on Don Sloan:
In the groundbreaking self-help manual called Healthy Relationships, the authors — renowned specialists in clinical psychology and special education — put forth an easy-to-follow and common sense guide that literally has the power to change…

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Five Tips for Positive IEP Meetings

Attending an IEP meeting isn’t easy and many feel that they are too arduous. Prior to your next IEP meeting, try changing it up with these five simple tips: Meet parents/stake holders in advance and discuss the student’s present levels. … Continue reading

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